I’m Sarskia – maker of beautiful things. My job title declares that I am a graphic designer, but beyond that, I find delight in illustration, styling, event planning, hosting, photography, renovating, brand styling, painting, textile design, and communications. I am the wife to a boy named Bill, and the proud owner of a derelict little cottage that is slowly becoming a home that dreams are made of.
I could describe myself as a lot of things, but creative and determined are at the top of the list. I graduated from Waikato Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Media Arts, having completed papers in Advertising, Public Relations, Illustration, and Web Design to reinforce my Graphic Design major. My passion stems from the excitement of others - I love hearing what makes my clients get up in the morning, and the reasons they have chosen to pursue the path that has led them to me. I delight in telling the stories of forward-thinking, creative businesses - using design as a form of visual communication to help define a clear brand voice that makes them stand out to their desired audience.

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